New York Journal of Mathematics 
Volume 25, 2019

Ajay C. Ramadoss and Yining Zhang 
Cyclic pairings and derived Poisson structures
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Xudong Leng, Zhiqing Yang, and Ximin Liu 
The slope conjectures for 3-string Montesinos knots
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Marijana Butorac and Christopher Sadowski 
Combinatorial bases of principal subspaces of modules for twisted affine Lie algebras of type A2l-1(2), Dl(2), E6(2) and D4(3)
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Jenö Szirmai 
Bisector surfaces and circumscribed spheres of tetrahedra derived by translation curves in SOL geometry
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Jonathan Gerhard and Cassandra Williams 
Local heuristics and an exact formula for abelian varieties of odd prime dimension over finite fields
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