New York Journal of Mathematics 
Research areas of editors


Aravind Asok: A1-homotopy theory, topology of algebraic varieties, group actions, representation theory

Yuri Berest:
Noncommutative algebra, representation theory

Jérémy Blanc:
Algebraic geometry

Cornelius Greither:
algebraic number theory, commutative algebra

Yi-Zhi Huang:
infinite-dimensional Lie algebras, vertex operator algebras, conformal field theory

Efstratia Kalfagianni:
3-manifod topology and geometry, knot theory, quantum topology

Claude LeBrun:
differential geometry

Naichung Conan Leung:
differential geometry

Milivoje Lukić,
Analysis and mathematical physics

Scott McCullough,
functional analysis, operator theory, free convex semialgebraic geometry

Peter Ozsvath:

Duong Phong:
partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, and mathematical physics

Jonathan M. Rosenberg:
geometry and topology, noncommutative geometry, mathematical physics

Thomas Scanlon:
mathematical logic, difference and differential algebra, valued fields, Witt vectors, non-archimedian analysis

Laurence Taylor:
manifolds, surgery theory

Brett D. Wick,
Function theory, harmonic analysis, several complex variables, operator theory

Kirsten Wickelgren,
Homotopy theory and arithmetic geometry.

Matthew Zaremsky,
Geometric group theory

Xiangyu Zhou,
Several complex variables and complex geometry

Kehe Zhu,
Complex analysis, operator theory