New York Journal of Mathematics
Volume 16 (2010) 369-385


Magnus Goffeng

Equivariant extensions of *-algebras

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Published: November 7, 2010
Keywords: Equivariant extension theory, abstract Toeplitz operators
Subject: Primary 19K33; secondary 19L64, 58B34

A bivariant functor is defined on a category of *-algebras and a category of operator ideals, both with actions of a second countable group G, into the category of abelian monoids. The elements of the bivariant functor will be G-equivariant extensions of a *-algebra by an operator ideal under a suitable equivalence relation. The functor is related with the ordinary Ext-functor for C*-algebras defined by Brown-Douglas-Fillmore. Invertibility in this monoid is studied and characterized in terms of Toeplitz operators with abstract symbol.

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Department of Mathematical Sciences, Division of Mathematics, Chalmers university of Technology and University of Gothenburg