New York Journal of Mathematics
Volume 15 (2009) 485-503


Valentin Deaconu

Entropy of shifts on topological graph C*-algebras

Published: November 21, 2009
Keywords: C*-algebra, noncommutative shift, entropy, topological graph
Subject: Primary 46L05; Secondary 46L55

We give entropy estimates for two canonical noncommutative shifts on C*-algebras associated to some topological graphs
defined using a basis of the corresponding Hilbert bimodule H(E). We compare their entropies with the growth entropies associated directly to the topological graph. We illustrate with some examples of topological graphs considered by Katsura, where the vertex and the edge spaces are unions of unit circles and


Research supported by a UNR JFR Grant

Author information

Department of Mathematics, University of Nevada, Reno NV 89557-0084, USA