New York Journal of Mathematics
Volume 11 (2005) 659-669


Oded Schramm and David B. Wilson

SLE coordinate changes

Published: December 19, 2005
Keywords: SLE, Stochastic Loewner Evolution
Subject: 82B21, 60J60

The purpose of this note is to describe a framework which unifies radial, chordal and dipolar SLE. When the definition of SLE(κ;ρ) is extended to the setting where the force points can be in the interior of the domain, radial SLE(κ) becomes chordal SLE(κ;ρ), with ρ=κ-6, and vice versa. We also write down the martingales describing the Radon-Nykodim derivative of SLE(κ;ρ1,...,ρn) with respect to SLE(κ).

Author information

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