New York Journal of Mathematics
Volume 11 (2005) 225-245


Mădălina Roxana Buneci

Isomorphic groupoid C*-algebras associated with different Haar systems

Published: June 18, 2005
Keywords: locally compact groupoid, C*-algebra, *-isomorphism
Subject: 22A22, 43A22, 43A65, 46L99

We shall consider a locally compact groupoid endowed with a Haar system ν and having proper orbit space. We shall associate to each appropriate cross section σ :G(0) → GF for dF:GF→ G(0) (where F is a Borel subset of G(0) meeting each orbit exactly once) a C*-algebra Mσ *( G,ν ) . We shall prove that the C*-algebras associated with different Haar systems are *-isomorphic.


This work was partly supported by the MEC-CNCSIS grant At127/2004 and by the Postdoctoral Training Program HPRN-CT-2002-0277.

Author information

University Constantin Brȃncuşi, 210152 Tȃrgu-Jiu, Romania