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New York Journal of Mathematics 8 (2002), 235-240.

Cosemisimple Hopf algebras with antipode of arbitrary finite order

Julien Bichon

Published: December 14, 2002
Keywords: Hopf algebra, antipode, Schur indicator
Subject: 16W30


Let $m \geq 1$ be a positive integer. We show that, over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, there exist cosemisimple Hopf algebras having an antipode of order $2m$. We also discuss the Schur indicator for such Hopf algebras.

Author information:
Laboratoire de Math\'ematiques Appliqu\'ees, Universit\'e de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, IPRA, Avenue de l'universit\'e, 64000 Pau, France.