New York Journal of Mathematics
Volume 6 (2000) 135-152


Valeriĭ Faĭziev

Pseudocharacters on a Class of Extensions of Free Groups

Published: September 12, 2000
Keywords: Free group, extension of free groups, quasicharacter, pseudocharacter, linear space
Subject: 20F99, 39B62, 39B82

A pseudocharacter of a semigroup S is a real function ϕ on S satisfying the following conditions.
  • The set {ϕ(xy)-ϕ(x)-ϕ(y) : x,y∈ S} is bounded.
  • For x∈ S and n∈ N (and n∈ Z if S is a group),

A description of the space of pseudocharacters on some extensions of free groups is given.

Author information

Tver State Agricultural Academy, Tver Sakharovo, Russia