New York Journal of Mathematics
Volume 3 (1997) 54-102


C. Krattenthaler and D. Zeilberger

Proof of a Determinant Evaluation Conjectured by Bombieri, Hunt and van der Poorten

Published: November 19, 1997
Keywords: determinant, binomials, hypergeometric series
Subject: Primary 11C20; Secondary 05A10, 05A19, 11J68, 15A15

A determinant evaluation is proven, a special case of which establishes a conjecture of Bombieri, Hunt, and van der Poorten (Experimental Math. 4 (1995), 87-96) that arose in the study of Thue's method of approximating algebraic numbers.


The first author's research was supported in part by the MSRI, Berkeley. The second author's research was supported in part by the NSF.


The Mathematica package Hyp, used in the paper

Author information

C. Krattenthaler:
Institut für Mathematik der Universität Wien, Strudlhofgasse 4, A-1090 Wien, Austria.

D. Zeilberger:
Department of Mathematics, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA19122, USA
Current Address: Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University, Hill Center-Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019, USA